LM And MD5 Hash Security And Cracking

LM And MD5 Hash Security And Cracking

On this paper I'll discuss Encryption and how you can Crack encrypted hashes without the decryption key. Let’s start with an evidence or the concept behind encryption. Encryption is used to secure or cover data from unauthorized personal and has been around from about 1800 BC and is not going away. There's at all times going to be a have to safe data and maintain it out of unauthorized hands. Now with that mentioned there is always going to be new methods to break the encryption and with computers getting faster. Crackers will learn to break the encryption faster than ever. We are going to have a look at two encryption algorithms for passwords LM & MD5.

LAN Man Hash (LM)

LAN Man Hash (LM) is a Microsoft Encryption Algorithm used to Encrypt Passwords for Windows NT, ninety five, 98, ME 2000, XP, and 2003 Server. All though in the latest variations of home windows (XP, 2003, Vista) Microsoft has now switched to NTLM for most encryption but LM remains to be broadly used. LM is made by taking the customers password and converting it to all highercase and them splitting the password into seven character halves. Every seven character half is transformed to a sixteen bit hash and them both half’s are combined to make a thirty-two bit hash witch is the complete LM Hash.

LM Hash Instance:

ED39C160E34521DCBF02B3DFE230653A = CERT276ROSENVA

ED39C160E34521DC BF02B3DFE230653A = CERT276 ROSENVA

1st 7 higher Encrypted 2nd 7 Higher encrypted pass

^ pass^

Message Digest Five (MD5)

MD5 hash is a 128-bit (sixteen-byte) hash and are typically represented as 32-digit hexadecimal numbers. The MD5 (Message-Digest algorithm 5) was designed by Ronald Rivest in 1991 and was made to switch old algorithms. As we speak the sha1 md5 decrypt hash is extensively used and for essentially the most part is secure. One of the best thing to remember is that with any password it's essential to make it complicated and long. The perfect passwords are 15 characters or longer containing each higher and decrease case letter with numbers and different special characters too.

MD5 Hash Example:

16d2c02aad8d116bc403f73454a5eeb1 = emocan

32-Digit Hash pass^

Cracking Password Hashes

Cracking password hashes may be simple if in case you have time and patience. What I mean by that is that with most simple cracking methods you are running the hash thought a dictionary and hoping the password is in the dictionary you are using. This can take time and you might be just shooting the hash right into a list. The other commonest cracking approach is to make use of Burteforce cracking. Burteforce cracking is the technique of throwing all attainable characters on the password till you discover the match. This is essentially the most time consuming methodology of cracking and may take years to crack a fancy password. The final technique we'll discus is Rainbow Crack. Rainbow Crack is a Hash cracking utility made by Zhu Shuanglei. Zhu’s Utility is based on Philippe Oechslin's faster time-memory trade-off technique. Rainbow Crack is a pre-compulated Burteforce attack and the attack data is stored in a knowledge base called a rainbow table. With Rainbow Tables it is potential to crack complicated passwords a hundred’s or 1,000’s of time quick them with a normal Burteforce attack. The downside to rainbow tables is that it takes a number of time to make the tables sets. On the opposite side of this once a table set is made it can be saved and reused as many time as you need. To make the tables you need rcrak.exe and it's reconvened to have a bunch or giant number of computer systems available to make the tables. There are many places on-line theses days selling table sets or memberships to used online tables submission services.

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