• "GSTM NIDA is a first class ticket to a global tourism career. No matter where I am in the world I will meet GSTM people, wonderful professors and networks. This allows me to get my foot to the door of the business which is often the hardest part. GSTM NIDA was a period of my life where I learnt both academic skills and positive mindset which are required for my successful life."
    Krissana Vatcharasint
    Managing Director, Vish Hotels Group
  • "I am a 2020 graduate of the Master‘s degree program in Tourism and Hospitality Management (English Program). My fantastic leaning journey began when I chose the “3+1+2 Cooperative Program” of my Bachelor’s school (Chengdu University China), It is full of challenges for me to continue my study abroad, but my life at GSTM gradually change my mind. The subject given by the professor are excellent, they provide us with knowledge not only from our textbooks but also from many other experience as well. Thanks my professor’s patient and professional guidance made me remarkable progress in my research skills even affect my life. I was deeply impressed by the field trip in each term. According to the cases, we visited the local countryside to understand the situation, designed the solution, reported and presented. Each project allowed our to get in touch with the authentic life in Thailand, which is a unique treasure for foreign students. Currently, I am a Chinese teacher in one of the international school in Bangkok, I continue to share what I have learned in class, which includes corporate social responsibility, sustainable and innovative tourism. Finally, it is clear that the national reputation of the GSTM has enhanced my future opportunities compared to other potential programs. "I believe that the experiences learned while at GSTM have prepared me well for a career in higher education."
    Wang Yali
    Chinese teacher, Singapore International School of Bangkok
  • “All the faculties at GSTM NIDA have delivered intensive knowledge in both academic and research sciences. The modern courses can be further developed and put into practical applications every time while studying here.”
    Thianrat Chatphattaraphon (Lookpear)
    Associate Dean, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Suan Dusit University
  • “Studying for a master's degree shows what NIDA teaches. I chose to study at GSTM NIDA because I believe that tourism has many related disciplines that can be applied to my current job. Well, the highlight of the teaching here is thinking, analysing, planning, making decisions, especially in the area of ​​integration of various knowledge sciences to solve problems at work.”
    Chonlathit Kusumolkun
    Sales and Marketing Manager, ASEAN and South Korea Region, Luwen Style Medical Technology Co., Ltd. 
  • “Day by day, people's lifestyles and behaviours are constantly changing with the times. So I have to always learn and prepare to adapt to the changes. GSTM NIDA's reputation, and course structure are why I chose to increase my potential and future opportunities.”
    Natchanon Pengpan (Por)
    Commercial Pilot License, International Aviation Colleges
  • “Wisdom for Change is a proof sentence from the first day of entering NIDA. The faculty members are talented and strong, ready to pass on everybody of knowledge with determination and develop under the same beliefs.”
    Chakrapong Chinnkratho (Ton)
    CEO & Founder Find Folk and Find Food Co., Ltd. 
  • “I was impressed with the knowledge and substances of the lecturers who gave close advices, as well as helping me to be successful in the studies. They helped me until being able to apply the knowledge and experience adapt to my job very well”.
    Natapat Promprayoon (Bubble)
    Area Manager, Government & State Enterprise Sales Division, PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited
  • “Studying this Master's degree in response to the goals that I set out to develop myself and the organization in order to provide the organisation with the highest expertise according to the goal. And another goal is one day when there is an opportunity to use this knowledge to pass on to students and the general public in order to pass on good feelings to them.”
    Thanawut Na Ranong (Ohm)
    Front desk senior manager, Koh Yao Yai Village Hotel
  • “Tourism and hospitality businesses face a lot of challenges during these economic times. The theory of learning knowledge at GSTM NIDA will serve as a compass to guide the economy through this crisis.”
    Darisa Nuansri (Ying)
    CEO, Kotchanok Real Estate and Consult, Phuket
  • “NIDA ... a famous institution. The faculty members have excellent knowledge and ability and understand the real tourism context.”
    Wannarisa Watt
    Freelance Guide, Sea Tour Co., Ltd., Phuket
  • “Knowledge is just a garment. Skills are what makes us good. GSTM NIDA helps to strengthen the skills that we lack and have their own identity.”
    Piyarat Na-Songkhla (June)
    Freelance Guide, Sea Tour Co., Ltd., Phuket 
  • “The GSTM NIDA is a source of knowledge that teaches us both academically and practically, giving all students the highest level of readiness and potential in every dimension to be a force for the perfect development of the country.”
    Boonnawat Srikhwan (Kung)
    Researcher and Research Program Coordinator of Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  • “I miss the knowledge of international-level tourism, warm friendship and strong network. I miss GSTM NIDA because GSTM NIDA is the best.”
    Jutamas Phengkona, Ph.D. (Jarm)
    Lecturer of Integrated Tourism, Mae Jo University - Chumphon
  • “NIDA is the ultimate dream in academic life. It was my best fortunate to have entered GSTM NIDA. I am proud of the institution and I am impressed with the lecturers who are experts in each field of tourism. The lecturers do not teach only in the textbooks but also real practice, knowing deeply, knowing the truth in tourism. They encourage in building network, academic and practical strength for current alumni and students and has always been recognised at the national level as well.”
    Nipaporn Sangsawang, Ph.D. (Pat)
    Manager of Incubator (UTK-BI), Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep
  • “GSTM NIDA is really the best institute. It created my important memories in life, getting a great opportunity with being a fully funded student, studying for free with monthly allowance with excellent learning environment and atmosphere, highly qualified faculty members with experiences and expertise. GSTM advisors devote valuable time to provide knowledge and dedication to students and provide advice, recommendations, and various suggestions for improving the dissertation. GSTM staff are friendly and helpful. Having good, talented fellow students and seniors is evident as a powerful network, all of the above factors contributed to my proud graduation. With the study period of nearly 6 years, I had the opportunity to absorb the value, identity and virtue of GSTM. After graduation, I have opportunity to ustilise valuable network experiences to add to working life in the Thailand tourism industry.”
    Angsikarn Sasithornwetchakul, Ph.D. (Mink)
    Designated Areas Development Officer Acting Manager of Operation Division, Operation Division, Office of Designated Area 1, Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization): DASTA
  • "Graduate School of Tourism Management, NIDA offers modern curriculum and school members with specific expertise. Encouraging students to become quality academics and administrators of tourism development and keep pace with change.”
    Yongyut Kaewudom Ph.D. (Yut)
    Dean, School of Tourism and Services, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
  •   “GSTM NIDA Phuket gives me more opportunities to know than anyone else and empowers professional travel leaders.”
    Dr. Preechawut Keesin (Prab)
    Head of the Pisona Group of companies | President, Patong Devleopment Foundation | Master’s Degree Alumni (Phuket) Batch 5 | Ph.D. Students Batch 13
  • “Hello. I’m Chan. When my first step into GSTM NIDA for a scholarship interview, I was afraid that I could not do that but the professors who interviewed me were awesome. Finally, I have been chosen for a scholarship student. Learning at NIDA is the best educational environment to increase my knowledge and give me a valuable opportunity to broaden my horizons from a variety of good subjects such as tourism strategy, tourism management, ... and so on. The professors here are thoughtful, dedicated and empathize their students. I’m proud to be a GSTM member.”
    Nguyenly Tho Chan, Vietnam
    Master’s Degree (Weekday) Batch 16
  • “I am writing to appreciate for the excellent educational service I received at the NIDA. Studying in NIDA is a unique and delightful opportunity for me. I highly recommended NIDA School of Tourism Management for who want great tourism education in great atmosphere. All teachers are high educated and friendly. For me NIDA is a place of learning, fun, culture, lore, literature and many such life preaching activities. Studying at the NIDA brought an added value to my life. It gave me an opportunity to meet different kind of people and learn many things. I am thankful of Graduate School of Tourism Management (GSTM) for providing a platform to enhance my skills.”
    Katayoun A. Ghazaei (Katy), Iran
    Master’s Degree English Program Batch 1
  • “GSTM is like my home. This institiute is not only just a place to acquire knowledge. I have gained a warm family, many friends and I feel very proud to be a aprt of this school.”
    Dr. Sanchai Kiatsongchai (Tang)
    Director of Research and Development Institute, Loei Rajabhat University | Doctoral Alumni Batch 1
  • “Aprat from an intensive knowledge, GSTM taught me how to be patient, enthuastic to explore the new things at all time.”
    Dr. Sukhuman Klamsaengsai (Bow)
    Head of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry Program, Walailuk University | Doctoral Alumni Batch 1